Knitted Doll Basket / Bassinet


Help to create beautiful and nostalgic memories for your child – a time filled with hours of absorbing play with dolls.

In the by ASTRUP® series you’ll find this beautiful knitted doll basket with leather-like handle that will delight doll-owners of every age.

The doll basket is hand-knitted in 100 % cotton with a PU covered handle. The basket contains a quilt and pillow in graceful and romantic floral fabric

Gently place your doll in doll basket and sing a lullaby so your doll will softly doze off.

The ideal gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Our toys are specially made to provide entertainment and improve learning.

Well-suited for: role playing, empathy, imagination, language and comprehension.

All our toys comply with applicable European regulations for toy safety and are CE marked.

Includes: 1 carry cot + 1 quilt + 1 pillow

Ages 2+

Length: 10 in

  • $42.00