By Lille Vilde

Foam Building Blocks 80pcs | Blossom

A nice big package of building blocks, where you can actually build something and still have bricks left over.

The bricks come in a box of 80 bricks and a linen bag is included for later storage.

The soft bricks are made of EVA foam of the highest quality and in the beautiful colors from By Lille Vilde's DNA. The bricks do not make noise, do not bulge and are the perfect match for wild children and delicate floors. They are even perfect for a good game of war, without anyone leaving with dents and scratches.

The blocks have been tested under the toy regulation EN71 and meet all EU requirements for chemistry and toys. However, we do not recommend the bricks for children under the age of 3, as they may find themselves biting pieces of the bricks and getting them wrong in the throat. We therefore also recommend that children who play are always supervised.

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  • $58.00