About Us

Modern Raised is a globally-sourced collection of quality pieces for the little ones in your life.
Our business is based on three core values: mindful purchases, sustainability, and giving back.
In a world of fast fashion and new “it” toys every week, Modern Raised aims to be a breath of fresh air with our "buy less, but buy better" approach to children’s apparel and toys. We select clothing pieces that are functional, thoughtfully made, and meant to be passed down. Our toys align with the Montessori and Waldorf methods of play, which encourage exploration, imagination, and independent play. They are intended to grow with your child and be enjoyed by future generations.
Taking care of our planet is critical to ensuring that our children have access to the same resources, wildlife, and flora that we do. That’s why Modern Raised is dedicated to running our business as eco-consciously as possible. Our packaging is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable and we do our best to carry brands that value and implement sustainable production, packaging, and shipping. Montessori toys can help children connect with nature, and most wooden toys are manufactured using sustainable forestry methods.
At Modern Raised, we believe first and foremost in giving. Although we are a small business with small profits, we are dedicated to donating a portion of our proceeds to various children's charities throughout the year. Keep up with our Journal entries to learn more about the impactful non-profits we donate to.
Modern Raised is proud to be WOMAN, BIPOC, & MILITARY SPOUSE owned.