By Lille Vilde

Silicone Straws | Botanical

Soft straws from By Lille Vilde made from food-grade silicone, finally in a size that's perfect for tiny cups and tiny mouths.

The straws are made of medical silicone which is also referred to as platinum silicone. It is the absolute purest form of the fantastic material that we love so much. We have designed the silicone to be slightly transparent, so you can easily see if the straw needs a good scrub!

The fine straws measure 14 cm (5.5in), which is perfect for tumbling cups, and they are also 7 mm wide. Also a perfect target for a small mouth that sips juice on a hot summer day, or just needs to spice up the milk a bit on a weekday.

The package contains 6 straws and a brush for cleaning. The straws can also withstand washing dishes or a quick scald.

As always, our designs are inspired by nature. The straws in the Botanical variant consists of a selection of nature's delicious colors.

  • $12.00