Welcome to the Modern Raised Journal, where you can find posts about baby product, motherhood, Montessori methods, and everything in between!


I'm Tana, creator of this little shop and full time mama to three! First off, thank you all so much for supporting this endeavor of mine. As the saying goes, "every time you shop small, an actual person does a little happy dance," and this couldn't be more true for me. I have worked tirelessly to put together a collection of some of my absolute favorite brands from across the world that produce high quality baby products using earth-friendly methods! 


When I first became a mother, I spent so much time making sure the diapers and skincare products that I used on my baby were the safest and highest quality. I wanted to use that same thoughtful approach when it came to buying clothing and toys; making sure that they were durable enough to pass on to my future littles, sustainably made, and would fit in seamlessly with my modern aesthetic. I found myself spending hours hunting down the perfect Montessori toys and paying international shipping for the clothing brands I felt were doing the casual/cool vibe right. I knew there must be other families searching high and low for the same pieces I was, and so, Modern Raised was born.


I hope you love these products as much as I do and I can't wait to see what Modern Raised becomes with the help and support of all of you - my fellow Raisers!