Shop with Intentionality

With Black Friday Deals already running rampant - and our own deals coming soon, as well - I thought it was a good time to elaborate on one of our CORE values: "Buy less, but buy better." We try to live out that value by selecting pieces that will be cherished, are multifunctional, and will be passed on to friends and family for years to come. One of the reasons I am so fond of wooden toys is because they truly pass the test of time. My own children are playing with wooden toys that have been saved for over 30 years (thanks Oma!). So this holiday season I encourage you to SHOP SMALL and SHOP PURPOSEFULLY. 
My goal isn't to "mom shame" or induce guilt - the exact opposite, in fact. I created Modern Raised as a place to help us create balance in what we bring into our homes. My toddler goes to pre-school in $4 sweats from a store that shall not be named and there are plastic toys scattered around our home just like any other. However, when, and if, you are in a position to spend a little more on that special piece, you can do so guilt-free, knowing that it was ethically made, will last for years to come, and helps support not only my family, but the families of the makers as well. 
Modern Raised